Centipuss is the main "mascot" of Mablethorp studios. He is the main topic of their website,


His personality has several renditions.

The smartest man on neptune

In The smartest man on neptune, he has a rather grumpy personality. In the episode, He starts off thinking about how someone (he said "Why would he call Cepten a sleeble.") called Cepten (his wife who was never talked about again in the episode) a sleeble (a neptunian bad word). He then tries to talk to (the smartest man on neptune). Then, tells him to fuck off. Centipuss tells him to fuck off "with your..fuck off...". Then calls him a sleeble and Centipuss fights him but there's a knock on the door. He the acts mostly crabby through the rest of the episode.

On the homepage, Centipuss says "I'm Centipuss. Trust me" as if the reader assumes he isn't Centipuss.


In his first appearance (in Battle cats as Bahamut cat), he looked very different that his Mablethorp studios renditions. In his Mablethorp studios renditions, he was usually portrayed as a white cat with a yellow nose. In The smartest man on Neptune, he looks like the actor, Simon behling. He wears a blue and orange striped shirt with black pants and grey socks. His 3d model is a white rectangular prism with beveled edges with arms and legs with big ears and his weird foot powers showing on top. In 3D Centipuss(not) (his first main video game), he is a cube with a picture of his main model exept for in the game's Timewaster.exe.

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